0 iGATE-APRS Network  
iGATE-APRS Network

The iGATE-APRS Group simply practices the hobby and try with it
to have fun while it offers service to other amateur radio stations.

The iGATE-APRS Team Status

Server ID Status SysOp Country Software iGATE Loc
BRASIL ONLINE Eudoxio PY1EU Brazil aprsc 2.1.5-g8af3cdc 145.570 MHz GG86GX
CX2SA-S1 ONLINE Jose Ma. CX2SA Uruguay javAPRSSrvr 4.1.0b09 GF18AO
F8KHI ONLINE Chris F4DUR France aprsc 2.1.11-g80df3b4 144.800 MHz JN25GQ
JK1ZRW ONLINE Satoshi 7M3TJZ Japan aprsc 2.1.15-gc67551b 145.350 MHz PM25RR
PORTUGA ONLINE Acacio CT1EJC Portugal javAPRSSrvr 4.3.2b85 144.800 MHz IM58LN
SV1CMG-JS UNREACHEABLE Athanasio SV1CMG Greece 144.800 MHz KM18FV

Last update: 07/12/2023 10:10:52 UTC